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34 Jackson St
Lowell, MA, 01852
United States


We are Downtown Lowell, MA first dog daycare, grooming and DIY wash.  We have been opened since 2014.  We are a cage free dog daycare and take all breeds.  We offer a small group playtime and frequent walks around the downtown area.  Our groomers are able to do all styles, cuts and breeds. The DIY wash allows you the owner to give your dog a bath using our equipment and we do all the clean up



The first day is on us! Before your dog starts we require a daycare application to be completed so the staff can review and ask questions if necessary

We require your dog be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel cough), a negative fecal test within a month if a puppy or six month if an adult dog.  All dogs are required to be spayed or neutered over 7 months

We are the only daycare in the area that provides regular walks for our dogs throughout the day.  The walks are potty breaks but also allow the dogs to have some fresh air and new smells while helping to train your dog to walk better on a leash

We accept all breeds provided they are medically cleared and pass the behavioral evaluation

Dogs are evaluated on the first day with temperament tests and a chance to interact with a few of the daycare dogs, we usually request at least 4 hours for your dog to go through this process as some dogs can be nervous for a while in a new environment and it can take time to warm up

A typical day in daycare

  • We usually have 15- 20 dogs depending on the day
  • Dogs of like attitude, energy and size play together
  • We play ball, tug of war, fetch and other games
  • We also give lots of love
  • We also go for many walks (length of walk is weather dependent)
  • Typically we take a few rests during the afternoon
  • If your pet needs food or medication, please bring it we will administer for no additional charge
    • The staff can administer most medications including injections, provided the owner brings them with a prescription
    • We cannot feed raw food due to salmonella and ecoli risks to staff
  • We provide a few low calories, grain-free treats too!


We will accept a vaccine titer or 3yr/5yr distemper vaccines provided the veterinarian determines your dog is adequately protected in writing.

Rabies vaccines by law must be good for 1 or 3 years and as such we cannot accept a vaccine titer for this

Typically kennel cough vaccine is starts to loose effectiveness inmost studies between 8-14 months, so we do require annual vaccination and highly recommend it every 6 months.  This does not prevent all types of respiratory infections.

We recommend year round flea tick and heartworm prevention as this prevents most ticks, fleas, heartworm and common intestinal parasites that your dog could be exposed to outside.

Dogs will be checked for signs of respiratory infection and ectoparasites at each visit, dogs showing signs or symptoms will not be allowed in daycare

Why daycare?

  • Dogs are by nature and breeding meant to be pack animals, they are instinctually meant to bond with their human and have a need/ drive to be near them, protect them, hunt with them, and connect with them.  Unfortunatly, humans now have careers and lives that cannot include a dog 24/7.  Dogs are forced to stay home sometimes for long periods of time and sometimes in crates.  From a dogs point of view, this has a severe effect on its psyche, and can lead to neurotic behaviors, stress, obesity and anxiety
  • Anxiety leads to unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing, tearing up things the list goes on and on, your dog is not mad at you, it is stressed and bored
  • Daycare alleviates stress since they have access to socialize, bond with other humans and exercise.  Daycare is such a better alternative to medication.  Your pet gets attention and love why you work and when you come home they are tired and are not as stressed.—I could go on forever


  • $28/day
  • $20/  hours (½ day)


  • Buy 10 get 1 day free (10% savings) $280.00
  • Buy 20 get 3 days free (15% savings) $560.00
  • Buy 50 get 10 days (20% savings)
  • Buy 180 days (6 months) get 45 days free (25% savings)
  • No expiration date
  • Also available as ½ days
  • Multi pet discounts available